05/04/2018 Meeting Topics Perhaps


Hello Friends,

Here are some topics I’d like to cover tonight:

  • Methods of altering personality trait characteristics (improving conscientiousness e.g.)
  • Peterson / Dillahunty debate
  • Proper roles of men / women in society
  • Technology as tool to refine humanity towards the Logos

Anything and all.


Also, John and Ben were having an interesting discussion on Wire which we can continue.


I’d be up for any of those, especially the Dillahunty ‘debate’. Though, as it’s short notice not all have maybe not yet seen it or took notes for it.
Here is the link to it for anyone, it’s on unlisted mode.


We don’t need preparation. We need wit, and diligence. And biscuits, and a bit of tea. And a good English accent. That’s all that a good conversation seems to require.