JBP- Great Books Reading Lists UNIFIED


Dr Peterson has produced four “Great Books” lists, and until his latest one 2018 they were a fragmented lot.

The 2018 list collects almost all entries from the previous three editions, plus adds a handful of new entries.
That said… there yet remain older items that did not get added to 2018. So…

A few days ago I collected all the lists together and produced a single unified list that also tracks the differences.
All titles from all the lists are listed, arranged alphabetically by author (no order of title under author), collected into groups according to the evolving group names in the four lists. The author is under the category that most of his/her work aligns with (this is a disclaimer specifically for Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago where it ought to be under history, it appears under literature)


Jerzy Kosiński - The Painted Bird
(Benjamin Lupton) #2


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Is yours available in excel format? Perhaps we can find a way to merge them.


yes available in spreadsheet, open office to be specific but it exports to excel.

Also on Dr P’s reading list, there’s one author surname misspelled: “Dalyrmple” should be “Dalrymple”, although it’s on his reading list twice and the other instance is correct.

I can upload to Google drive and share for editing to you or just upload the spreadsheet.


Really great spreadsheet Benjamin!

So along with yours, I’ve uploaded mine as comment-only… here: