New browser start page.. suggestions?


Here’s my scenario:

I’m sick of opening up a new browser tab (chrome) and seeing Google and most-frequently-used web urls.

I am desperate for something different. A quick meditation told me I want NO news, and always feeling overwhelmed with social media, all forms of incoming media, be they text from others’ life status updates, or private messages. I can barely survive checking email once or twice a day. Been completely off facebook for the last three or four weeks, with exception of a couple moments to send a message regarding sending a couple friends christmas gifts.

I’m also sick of the recommended videos YouTube gives me: just because I click on Jordan Peterson videos, YouTube (somewhat annoyingly) associates that with politically conservative material. I agree with pro-free-speech advocates, but I get far too much material on it, plus the tone is usually a complaint or frustration, given it’s culturish warish. I’m needing more boost, with positive messages, life is better, get out into nature, throw a stick for a dog, play catch with kids. Someone very dear to me gave me a card a few months ago with “Grow” on it, and I put a leaf and a seed in it, and it’s forming some low level thing in my psyche… Often I need inspiration from others.


Thinking about reading material, thinking about a page of education, maybe something that is a portal to inspirational quotes, maybe something from various ancient texts and such. I know of no such portal.

Would anyone have any recommendations, or just brainstorm ideas?