Roadmap for the JBP Community


These are the goals that I wish to see accomplished by the community over the coming months, as of April 2017:

  • Update the website to become a hub for Peterson content and their corresponding resources, such that people can watch the lectures on the site, while easily seeing the corresponding lecture notes, discussion notes, recorded discussions, and so on.

  • Update the website to list the upcoming meetings, calendar events, as well as the content from our youtube

  • Work to grow this forum into a nice community of people who care about thinking out loud (finding truth and strength) and sorting themselves out (becoming integrated beings) - the digital meetup and youtube is good, but they appeal more to extrovert types, whereas asynchronous text communication appeals more to introverts, and scales to facilitate cross-time-zone discussions easier

  • Scale the youtube page to become a hub to promote discussions, people, and highlights within and from the community

  • As always, the means so far of accomplishing this, is not via diversity quotas, but by making something rewarding and enjoyable for each person - if you can offer that to every individual, then diversity sorts itself out, without excluding anyone

What do you think? Is there anything you are wanting to see?


Wow man, this is pretty impressive. I tried creating a Discourse site specifically for the same objective in 2017 but my VPS resources were too limited for Discourse. So I quit, but… have done some other high-ranking meta community projects in the mean time.

This is my first comment on the forum so …“ahem… hello!”

I have lots of ideas. But just signed up now to get my feet wet.


Welcome to the community, Tom. If you’re sorting yourself- and subsequently the chaos around you- then you will find like-minded people here. We’ve yet to hit noticeable traction (traffic), but Ben (OP above) has been working hard on providing this space, and good ideas and communication are always welcome. The podcast and video discussions were the origin of the community, and could be considered the bread-and-butter of what we do here right now. Take a look at the schedule and keep the words flowing!


For me, this is the ideal way to progress the community. I’ve attended some of the discussions, albeit not recently, and I like them, but I’d be more interested in seeing a discussion forum evolve here. An asynchronous forum where we can post links, citations, and have more in depth conversations about things that don’t necessarily need to be recalled from memory would be rewarding.

I think something else important to keeping things interesting is straying from things explicitly related to Jordan Peterson and using his thought more like a jumping off point into discussions that might be tangentially related to what he talks about. Discussions about politics, philosophy, and contemporary issues would be particularly interesting to me personally.